So its spring! Finally. Time to take a look around your home and do some spring home maintenance as part of your spring cleaning!  It’s called Spring Fever. I already started cleaning windows and washing curtains.


Time to make a spring cleaning list that includes things to do like cleaning the gutters and downspouts between snow and leaves, it can get clogged and cause some home damage, so get this one off the list.  Take a look at your roof to see if there are missing shingles or damaged shingles from the winter storms and get them fixed!  No need for leaks next year. While you are at it check the flashing for skylights, vents and chimneys as these are areas that the seal can break down over time and cause leaks.


My favorite one is to check your irrigation system, I always have a head that is no longer working and I need to fix.  They easily crack with weather. Check those faucets as well to see if they froze. Any easy way to see is if you turn on the faucet and you can stop the flow with just your thumb, if that happens you may need to have a plumber check the pipes inside the home for damage. And check the hoses for dry rot and you may need to replace one or two.


Start up all the lawn equipment and power tools to see what works and what needs to be fixed!


If you have air conditioning, make sure to get the AC unit serviced now that winter is over.


And of course, time to power wash the decks, driveways, fences and whatever other outside surfaces you have to get rid of mold and mildew so it’s ready for use!