One of the benefits of working on a team is getting the opportunity to learn from the people that surround you day in & day out. There is so much value in learning from others and hearing about their experiences. As an agent, it’s extremely beneficial to be able to collaborate with other agents, sales managers, or mentors to be able to share stories and hear different perspectives. Everyone has something unique to offer and we believe that’s what makes working on a team so special.

Here at Chinatti, our sales managers are an example of exactly this. Our sales managers have a variety of backgrounds & experiences, and they all offer something different that our agents can directly benefit from. Today, we’re sitting down with our newest sales manager, Maria LeBlanc and learning about what she’s bringing to the table in this role. Maria will be managing our Greater Boston office and we’re so excited to welcome her to this position. What makes this so special for us is that Maria was actually a very successful agent here at Chinatti before moving into this role. Not only that, but her experiences prior to real estate have given her a unique skill set that sets her apart when it comes to helping other agents find their confidence in this industry. 

Meet Maria LeBlanc

Maria LeBlanc didn’t jump right into her real estate career. In fact, Maria has come a long way to get here - literally! Maria is originally from Venezuela and made the move to the US with her daughter for a better life. She started her career in the US in the pharmacy world and spent her time there training technicians and traveling around the country. Eventually, she decided to take a step back to be able to spend more time with her daughter. She took a position as a nanny and was eventually offered a job as a teacher because of the relationships she built in that role. She did teach part-time but decided that she wanted to put herself into a better financial position. This led her to consider real estate, where she could take what she learned from her past experiences and apply them to this new career. 

Maria first joined the Chinatti team as a real estate agent. She quickly established herself as a powerhouse in the industry and a leader in the office. After experiencing success as an agent, Maria’s question was “What’s next?” The team at Chinatti all agreed that her passion & excitement about the industry was just what was needed for the sales manager position.

When we asked Maria how her past experiences will help her in her role as a sales manager, she explained that “Through my background in pharmacy, I learned compassion & empathy. As a teacher, I learned how to be humble and ground myself. I learned to teach without expecting perfection. As a teacher, I just wanted to motivate & let my students know that I’m there for them to help them grow. Finally, my real estate background has given me knowledge of the field and the challenges that agents face on a daily basis. This all combines to allow me to deliver something different as a sales manager.” 

Maria Talks About Passion & Motivation

When we asked Maria what she was most excited about taking on this position, she said that she was most excited about getting the opportunity to help agents grow. Maria remembers being a new agent herself, and how overwhelming it can feel at times. Maria ended up going on to become an extremely successful agent because of her drive & dedication and now wants to see agents here achieve just that. Further, she wants to share what she’s learned along the way with each and every one of the agents here to help them achieve their goals.

What Maria Wants All Agents To Know

Maria explains that anyone can succeed in this job. She refers back to when she started as an agent. She didn’t have any sort of special advantage that allowed her to succeed. She worked hard, learned every day, and had a passion for what she was doing. She points out the streets are paved with gold and if she can do it, anyone can. She reiterates that everyone has something special that they bring to the table and there is nothing stopping them from achieving the success that they want if they’re willing to work for it.

What To Expect From Working With Maria

Passion & motivation - two key things that Maria states that she will bring to the Greater Boston office. Maria is passionate about real estate and also about helping those around her learn & grow. She also wants to instill that passion into the agents that she works with, and get them excited about getting out there every day. She also wants to motivate agents and encourage them to keep pushing themselves to achieve more. Maria is looking forward to sharing everything she has learned in the industry and being able to share what helped her. She knows the challenges that agents will face in their careers and is ready to help them tackle each and every one of them. With Maria, you will have someone who supports you 100% and who has the knowledge and skillset to help you be the best possible agent you can be.

Bottom Line

If you’re just starting out in the business of real estate or if you’re trying to build your career, it’s always helpful to have someone by your side that’s motivating you to get to that next level. Having a sales manager like Maria means that you will have someone that’s passionate and knowledgeable about the industry by your side rooting for you each step of the way.  If you’re a new agent and this sounds like something you’d want in the brokerage that you work with, be sure to bring this up in conversation as you explore your options. We’d be happy to answer any questions about our sales managers here at Chinatti Realty Group! Give us a call at (978) 300-8882.