When it comes to building a successful career in real estate, prospecting and nurturing leads is a critical part of the business. However, as an agent, it can be difficult to manage when you’re constantly out showing homes, negotiating deals, and managing those immediate needs that come up during transactions. 

That’s when having an Inside Sales Associate (ISA) becomes so beneficial. An ISA can help you make the most of your time by handling those initial inquiries and following up with clients who might not be quite ready to buy or sell today but may be interested down the road. Today we’re diving into the role of an ISA and how they can help you elevate your business as an agent. We’re also getting to know the Director of Inside Sales at Chinatti Realty, Halee Bandt, and hearing what she has to say about her team and all that they do. 

Meet Halee Bandt

Halee has been in a sales role throughout her entire professional career. Before entering the world of real estate, Halee worked in furniture sales where she was promoted up to management. Through a few networking groups, Halee met someone who offered her an opportunity in MA, so Halee made the move here from Indiana. After working that job for a couple of years, COVID hit, and unfortunately, the company disbanded in the US. That’s when the opportunity to jump into real estate presented itself so Halee took the course, found Chinatti Realty Group, and started her career as an agent. 

After working as an agent for 6 months, Chinatti Realty Group announced the opening of the Medford office, and Halee mentioned that she would be interested in being part of that growth as a staff member. At that time, management all agreed that Halee would be an incredible Director of Inside Sales, and she fully stepped into that role in January 2021. Since then, Halee has been working hard to make the ISA team the best that it can possibly be, and helping the company as a whole continue to grow and evolve to help even more buyers and sellers achieve their goals. 

Halee Talks ISA Department

Overview of ISA Team

So what exactly does the ISA team do? Halee explains, “It’s a relay race, and we hold the first baton. We are often making or receiving the first contact with the client, getting to know them and their needs, and pairing them up with the best fit for them with the agents on our team. We are setting appointments from buyer’s consults, listing appointments, or showings.” Additionally, Halee also mentions that the ISA team nurtures clients who might not be quite ready to buy or sell to ensure that they are given the time they need while also feeling supported by the team. 

Setting Agent Up for Success

So what makes an ISA team beneficial for agents? As an agent, your day is packed with showings, offer writing, negotiations, and managing any immediate needs that arise throughout the day. There are times when you might not be able to prospect or take those initial calls that come in from potential clients. The ISA team can assist agents by answering those initial questions and gathering important information from buyers and sellers. Halee explains that “We want the agents to focus on what they enjoy the most and do the best, which is showing houses, negotiating deals, and building relationships. If we can take some of the tasks off their plate to free up some of their time then this can allow our agents to better build their business.” 

One thing to keep in mind is that the transition between ISA and agent has to be seamless, and the clients have to feel that they are being supported the entire time. One thing that makes the ISA team at Chinatti Realty Group so unique is the close relationship between the ISA team and the agents. Halee states that’s what really makes the whole system work. She explains that when buyers or sellers do need to be connected with an agent, the ISA team works to pair them up with an agent that not only specializes in their area but is also the best personality fit. This allows the client to feel confident in the agent that they are paired up with and helps to ensure that the client can start building that strong relationship with the agent right from their first interaction. 

Bottom Line
When you’re a busy agent, having a team dedicated to helping you support your leads can help you focus on the immediate tasks that you need to get done while still building that important pipeline. When you work at a brokerage that provides ISA support, you get that assistance with managing your clients and getting connected to ready & able buyers and sellers. This support enables you to be in the best possible position to achieve your goals as an agent. If you have any questions about inside sales, we’d love to connect and discuss their role further! Give us a call at (978) 320-3377.