If you're a real estate agent, you know that finding that perfect home is super exciting for everyone! However, you also know that there is still a lot that needs to happen to get the keys. Everyone knows that there are certain steps you need to take to find the house, but not everyone sees all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes on after you get the call that your offer was accepted.

Contracts, negotiations, deadlines, and paperwork are all important elements of what's to come in the weeks following an accepted offer. If you’re new to the industry, these items might feel overwhelming. If you’ve been in the industry, you know that these items can quickly pile up, especially when you have multiple deals at the same time.

So, what do you do when you decide it's time to get some help with this? That’s where transaction coordinators come in and save the day. Today we’ll discuss what transaction coordinators do and how they are a huge benefit in your real estate career!

What is a Transaction Coordinator?

A transaction coordinator is someone who helps the real estate agent with administrative tasks that occur during the buying process. They work behind the scenes to help make the agents' lives a little easier and create a smooth journey from getting your offer accepted to the closing table. Some of their specific duties include:

  • Communicating with clients regarding upcoming deadlines
  • Monitoring the contingency period
  • Ensuring that documentation is submitted on time
  • Assisting agent with drafting necessary documentation
  • Scheduling follow-ups for the agent during the closing process and post-closing

What are the Benefits of a Transaction Coordinator?

As we mentioned, the transaction coordinator can help you with a variety of tasks, especially those time-sensitive items that you may struggle with. If you’re busy with other clients and need to get a document out, the transaction coordinator can step in and help get that done. Transaction coordinators allow you to focus more of your time on your clients and less on paperwork and documentation. This will allow you to help even more families achieve their real estate goals. 

One of the other key benefits to a transaction coordinator is that you have a second set of eyes to keep tabs on everything, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. If you’re on your own, there is always a possibility that something is missed - it happens! Having someone else in your court will act as a fail-safe, ensuring the best possible experience for you and your clients.

Bottom Line

Transaction coordinators are a huge help as you navigate your way from accepted offer to the closing table. They’ll be able to manage some of the more tedious work so that you’re able to spend more time building relationships, prospecting, and providing that exceptional  experience to their clients. If this sounds like something that you would find beneficial and you’re currently deciding what agency might be right for you in your career, have a conversation with potential brokerages and see if this is something they offer! We’re happy to answer any other questions you might have about this position or any other support roles we have here at the Chinatti team!