Quite often kitchens are where everyone hangs out in a house, so it must feel right.  And it is the place buyers look to ensure it feels clean and homey.  So what can you do to make the right impression as buyers walk in the door? 

1.      Make sure it is clean.  What do I mean by this? I mean clean and organize inside the cabinets, clean inside the stove, make the sink sparkle on top of the regular cleaning of counters and floors.


2.      Make it look as spacious as possible – any extra appliances, cookbooks, extra dishes that are out on counters, put away somewhere.  


3.      Take a really hard look at your walls, counters and floors, what kind of condition are they in, should they be painted or replaced?  For example, wood floors or tile floors look a lot better than vinyl floors, fixing some wall tiles or painting the walls a somewhat neutral color can really help the appearance of the kitchen to help make it look bright and cheerful.


4.      Now look at the cabinets – do you have dark wood? Sometimes dark wood can make a room feel a lot smaller, maybe you can lighten them up with some paint or just new cabinet doors.  And maybe new door handles.


5.      Now what about the counters? Are they chipped, scratched or burnt? Granite counters can give an updated look, however you may not want to spend that much money so even a laminate new counter can help a lot and keep the cost down.


6.      Is there a place people can eat?  Even if it a small table, people really like to eat as well as make the food in the kitchen, it provides more flexibility and allows a more social environment while food preparation is going on.


7.      Now a fun idea to make it look welcoming.  This can be done with a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, some of those artsy olive oil bottles you see in Italian restaurants, use your creativity here and have fun.


Your kitchen is now ready! Next time we will talk about bathrooms.