It has been a year since our lives were significantly changed with the pandemic. A year since everything in our lives shifted and we were filled with uncertainty. Those first few weeks (and months) where we scrambled for necessities, checked in on loved ones, and scheduled Zoom calls every night of the week were surreal. And the technical challenges along the way (ahem, teaching parents and grandparents where the unmute button is located). All kidding aside, looking back it feels like a lifetime ago.

With a year under our belt, kids back in school, people heading back to their offices, and as the world slowly begins to open up, we can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude

For the lessons we have learned, the struggles we have endured. Coming out on the other side with a clearer perspective on what is most important, and finding the goodness both within and outside of ourselves.

Realigning Priorities
A massive reset has taken place in our lives. Questioning our ‘Why’ and becoming more clear on our values and what we stand for. It is so critical in helping us to decide where to spend our time and who we spend that time with. It’s not that what we were doing before was wrong, it’s that we have become more aligned with our values and true to ourselves. In a recent Forbes article, their expert panel talks about how to realign priorities around personal values and how that can inspire us to keep going. 

People are AMAZING! If the last year has taught us anything it is that people are strong and determined and will do anything it takes to survive - and thrive. It hasn’t been easy, but we have found a way to believe in ourselves and overcome the adversity we faced. 

Ability to Adapt
Here at Chinatti, we are SO proud of our team and clients and how they have adapted. Virtual consults with first-time home buyers, staging consultations in person with our team to prep a home for sale, and attending open houses in masks - all the while making connections, building relationships and putting your trust in each other. 

We are READY!
To our clients - We are grateful for you and your support over the last year. We are SO excited to see you in person, welcome you into our offices, and see your faces behind the masks!