Now is the time to get your bathroom ready as you prepare your house for the market. Where do you start knowing you do not want to spend a fortune? 

1.      Look at your tub, shower and sink – do you basically think they look good?  How about refinishing them? They will polish up nice and you do not have to buy new fixtures.


2.      As long as the layout works well, then try not to be moving any plumbing around, that is when it gets costly and you find out that you are not up to current code and when they have to touch the plumbing for the bath they need to upgrade the plumbing throughout, so try to not to move the plumbing if possible.


3.      Anything quick and easy thing is to replace the hardware, things like cabinet knobs, showerheads, drawer pulls, just make sure you stay consistent with the finished so if one is brushed nickel make them all the same.


4.      Ensure there is proper ventilation to keep mold out, if it is not done properly inspectors really can hit you hard on this one.


5.      Lighting is very important, remember this is the place you use in the morning to brush your teeth, your hair and generally get ready for your day, proper lighting is important. Sconce lighting works well over the sink; a dimming light might work well over a tub to help with relaxing.


6.      Lastly, in the master bath counter and mirror space is a must, one sink and a lot of counter space and above that lots of mirror.  And remember the countertop is important so many are using granite or just redoing the counters with laminate to give it an updated look without the cost of granite.


I hope that helps you as you move through the house getting it ready for the market. Next up is how to declutter the house, never a small task or an easy one.